After many years of people telling me to do this, I am finally starting a blog about life with a child with RAD.  Many of you who are reading this initial few posts know me and know my son.

His name is August, hence the clever name of the Blog! Because when you live with someone with RAD you live with it all the time.

I am going to start here, at the present day and reflect back on how what is happening now came to be. A lot has happened over the last 17 years.  Some I’ve shared with my friends and family and some I haven’t.

But I want to talk openly and honestly about what life has been like, the good and the bad.  It’s necessary for me and I hope it will be helpful for anyone who might be trying to love a child with RAD.

Three weeks ago August began what may be up to a five-year sentence in prison. Five years is a gift courtesy of a very good, very expensive lawyer that his father graciously provided.  It should have been decades.  This isn’t his first arrest by far. In fact, when he got arrested this time he’d been released from jail for work release and never went back. In future posts I’ll talk more about this but first I’d like to talk about my son.

August is a gorgeous, smart, charming young man.  He’s funny and loves life. He likes to cook and loves animals. He is curious about lots of things. He is an amazing athlete having excelled in basketball, soccer and lacrosse. He loves being outdoors and enjoys fishing and camping.

I wish I could say this is the August that has been with me every day. But most days it has not been anything like this August.  I hope as I take this journey of revealing my life with a child with RAD I can show some of the amazing child that I know he is.