Election Day here in Indiana

It’s election day here in Indiana and many other states across the country. Did you vote? Do you have a RAD kiddo who’s eligible to vote? I was wondering about how elections and voting connect with reactive attachment disorder. Does it?

Elections and voting are about choosing. Making your voice heard. And letting your government know your opinions on the issues that are important to you. Here in my community we have two very different referenda on the ballot. One is to decide whether or not to bring a casino to our town. And the other is for a tax increase to support our school system. Then we also have a Mayor’s race which is very close including candidates from three parties.

But what does election day here in Indiana have to do with RAD? As I mentioned, elections and voting are about making your voice heard. Isn’t that what our RAD kiddos spend a lot of their time doing? And wanting to have choice, i.e. control? I wonder if election day isn’t a good time to talk about how we make choices and the importance of looking at the pro’s and con’s of an issue or a person before making a decision. Of course, our RAD kiddos are so impulsive with their decision-making and weighing the merits of their choices is rarely part of the process.

Elections are about understanding what matters most to you and your family. And sometimes it may be understanding about what matters most for your community which may make your life a little harder. The school referendum will mean my taxes will go up. And I don’t have a child in this school system. But this school system finally has a new superintendent after years of crooked mismanagement resulting in an FBI investigation and arrest. And even with this tax increase they are planning a $5 million budget cut that won’t require layoffs. However, it’s a smart plan which I could get behind. Some may not agree, but it made sense to me.

Helping our RAD kiddos understand how to make their big (and little) decisions by using our elections as an example may show them how to look at all sides of an issue. Because it can help them realize that things may not always look like they think they do. And it’s OK to stand up for what you believe in.

I hope you were able to get out and vote if you needed to. And that your kiddos are having a great week!

Until Next Time,