Friday Night Family Night

The school week and the work week are over. You’d like to do something as a family but what? Dinner and movie can set a family of four back $200 depending on where you live and choose to eat. Can’t do that every week. And with a RAD kiddo that may not be the best choice. Plus if you’re all a little on the tired side, that may be the recipe for meltdowns or fights when all you really want to do is have some fun and relax. So let’s just talk about how to do Friday night family night right at home.

The kids may not think that seems like much fun but there’s plenty of ways to make it exciting. And it may seem like a lot of work to you but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few easy and fun ideas that will involve the whole family!

  • Invent a new recipe – Let each member of the family pick an ingredient and see what it makes! You may not think marshmallow/rice/peanut butter/popcorn will be delicious but you know, keep an open mind!
  • Build a house of cards – I realized the other day that I’ve never done this with my boys. And then I had a flash of that scene from The Brady Bunch where they build a huge house of cards and one of the children or the dog knocks it down…they were having so much fun! In the age of non-stop technology some of those old fashioned game ideas are lost. But depending on the ages, they can find it really fun and interesting. 
  • Make a blanket fort and read books out loud – Now if you have all teenagers you might not be able to sell this one. But if you have younger kids you will win parenting! A parent that will not only help build the fort but will crawl inside is super cool. And you get the added benefit of getting them to read! If you turn it into a slumber party, add 30 points.
  • Game Night – The boys loved it when we would all play board games together (except Monopoly, that never ended well). And you’d be surprised how even the most sullen teenager can get excited about a game of Clue. Let each child pick a game they want (no one gets veto power unless someone is too young to play) and have a blast! Give a reward for the winner.

Of course in a pinch you can always do a movie night at home but these are some other ideas that might be a little more entertaining and engaging. For some other ideas, check out these and these

Your children will love seeing your fun side and you will love saving some money and having an easy Friday night family night at home.

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