Fun and Easy Family Staycations

As it gets toward the end of the summer and the start of school is approaching, you might want to get in one more vacation with the family. But maybe the budget or the time just doesn’t allow for a big excursion away. Or maybe the idea of taking a trip away with your RAD kiddo feels you with fear and dread. So here are some ideas for fun and easy family staycations which will give you some quality family time but won’t break the budget. And may be easier on the anxiety level!

Now when it comes to staycations it doesn’t require going out of town or even out of your house! Just maybe a little creativity and some planning. So here are some ideas and some resources for finding some fun and easy family staycations.

Backyard camping is easy and fun!
  • Backyard Camping – Maybe you don’t fancy yourselves big campers. But everyone can survive one or two nights in a tent in your own backyard! And if you don’t own a tent, I’m sure a neighbor can hook you up. Set up the tent (or get help from the neighbor), fill it with pillows and blankets and grab some flashlights and let the spooky stories fly!
  • Explore Your City – It’s easy to overlook what’s right in your own town with all the hustle and bustle of daily life. I haven’t even been to one of the museums here in my tiny little town. And Facebook is constantly offering events and other kid-friendly attractions, often for free.
  • Dine out – Now this may seem like something you do fairly regularly but if it always comes out of a bag with a golden arch, that’s not what I’m meaning here. Pick a restaurant that you might not have thought about going to before, get dressed up and have a fabulous night out!
  • Stay one night in a nearby hotel – My boys love staying in hotels. They don’t care if it’s 5-star or not. Though they are fond of a nice breakfast! But maybe a night at a close hotel will be a fun distraction. Find a place with a pool and a breakfast the next morning that provides a break for mom and everybody wins!
  • Make a City-Wide Scavenger Hunt – Some cities have these already available. But if you don’t live in one of those places, it’s not hard to figure out a fun scavenger hunt that will get you moving around your town. Here in Terre Haute, we have painted rocks which are fun to paint and hide. Maybe you can do that! Or maybe it’s just walking through town trying to find all the letters of the alphabet!
  • Movie Night – Always a winner! You don’t have a drop a ton of money to have a fun movie night. Hit the grocery store for popcorn and snacks, create a comfy space with blankets and pillows and find a movie everyone will love. Then cuddle up and get your movie night going!
  • Unplug – This might be the last thing you want to do as a RAD parent but it is a great way to connect as a family. Maybe it’s a hike at a local nature preserve or a pool day. Whatever gets you off your phones or games and spending time together.

These are just a few ideas that I liked. Lots of other people have lots of other ideas. Check out Today’s Parent list here. And there are 40 ideas listed from Cafe Mom here.

And as always I will put the links on my resources page.

Enjoy the last few days of summer! Connect with your families and get out and play!

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