International Travel with a RAD…Just Kidding!

French Mon Dieu, non, je ne connais pas ces enfants qui traversent le Louvre à toute vitesse. Ils sont plutôt mal élevés, non? My goodness, no, I don’t know those kids running through the Louvre at top speed. They are rather badly behaved, no? German Ich freue mich sehr über den herzlichen Empfang, aber wir brauchen nur einen Platz zum Laden von 50 Geräten, danke. I really appreciate the warm welcome, but all we need is a place to charge 50 devices, thanks. Ich bin sicher, dein Weg ist besser, aber sie werden ihn niemals so essen. I’m sure your way is better, but they’ll never eat it that way. Spanish ¿Alguna posibilidad de que este sea uno de los países donde las personas trabajen juntas para criar a todos los niños y que no tenga que lidiar con esto? Any chance this is one of the countries where people work together collectively to raise all the children so I don’t have to deal with this? ¿Qué nos trae a tu pueblo? Una serie de direcciones GPS confusas, en realidad. What brings us to your town? A series of confusing GPS directions, actually. Dutch Je dichtstbijzijnde, grootste en meest privé-toilet, alstublieft. Your nearest, largest, and most private toilet, please. Russian Pozhaluysta, ukazhite mne v blizhaysheye mesto, chtoby kupit’ gelevyye stel’ki, kleykiye povyazki i tu obuv’, na kotoruyu ya poklyalsya, chto nikogda ne nadenu. Please point me to the nearest place to buy gel insoles, adhesives bandages, and the kind of shoes I swore I would never wear. Finnish Kananugetteja. Kaikki kana-nuggets. Vain kana-nuggets. Jokainen kana nugget. Kananugetteja. Chicken nuggets. All the chicken nuggets. Only chicken nuggets. Every chicken nugget. Chicken nuggets. Italian Perché volevamo che vedessero il mondo e perché siamo pazzi. Qualsiasi altra domanda? Because we wanted them to see the world, and because we are fools. Any other questions? Portuguese Na sua opinião, este local turístico vale a pena o esforço necessário para entrar? In your opinion, is this tourist site possibly worth the effort it takes to get in? Gaelic Tha sinn duilich, agus is urrainn dhuinn airgead a thoirt dhut airson sin. We are deeply sorry, and we can give you cash for that. Big thanks to the January issue of “Real Simple” for the phrases! So what other phrases would you need to travel overseas with your RAD child? I’d love to hear them in the comments! Till next time, Shannon  ]]>